Norwegian Civil Society Unifying

Civil Society holds knowledge, experience, history and power that will be even greater when pooled. Norway based organisations of persons with disabilities (OPDs), as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on supporting the rights of persons with disabilities in the Global South have decided to meet regularly to collaborate on human rights advocacy from now until the Global Disability Summit (GDS).

In order to support the hosts of the GDS in making this event truly ground breaking with the clout and weight needed to persuade the world leaders to commit to changing their policies and ways of working, a number of experienced organizations have joined forces to strategize collectively. The group is called the Norwegian Civil society Reference Group for the GDS, and consists of OPDs, and development- and humanitarian agencies. They are gathered in this forum to mobilize advocacy in the countries they work, to influence the substance and desired outcomes of the GDS, and to stand together in the follow up of the GDS and the commitments that will be made.

List of members and photo(s) - kommer!

Get inspired!

Some good practices to learn from and be inspired by can be found on this page (link to YouTube videos and stories), from these and other civil siciety actors and their partners in the Global South.