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The impact of corruption on the rights of persons with disabilities

Corruption and discrimination reinforce each other, leaving marginalized groups little room to access services, exercise their rights, and live their lives with dignity. In this seminar organized by Norad, U4 and the Atlas Alliance, researchers and DPOs discuss research findings and the situation as lived experience for persons with disabilities.

Inclusion network event on the issue of mental health and psychosocial disabilities

This inclusion network event "Mental Health Matters: Changing attitudes, overcoming stigma, and promoting inclusion", was held 26th August with contributors from diverse backgrounds and countries presenting their perspectives on the issue of mental health and psychosocial disabilities.

Global Disability Summit focus in Atlas side event at Conference of State Parties to the CRPD (COSP15)

The Atlas Alliance side event at the 15th UN conference on CRPD (COSP15) took place June 16, 2022. The side event focused on the commitments given in the Global Disability Summit 2022, its value and potential, recommendations and the way forward towards the next Global Disability Summit in 2025. A new Atlas report was launched!

Norwegian Refugee Council's Commitment at GDS 2022

The Norwegian Refugee Council through its General Secretary, Jan Egeland, made a commitment at the Global Disability Summit in February 2022 to work with, and for, persons with disabilities. The NRC, as one of the six largest humanitarian organizations in Norway, have partnered with The Atlas Alliance and Norwegian DPOs to provide better help and assistance, and The NRC is commited to "help better, consult more and involve more people with disabilities" in their work in the time to come. For more commitments, see the Commitment Portal at globaldisabilitysummit.org!

The Atlas Alliance Side Event during Global Disability Summit - Tracking Inclusion

The Atlas Alliance and the Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research will presented a brand-new study on tracking disability inclusion in international development, with main focus on UNICEF, the World Bank and UNHCR. The event was in line with the overarching commitment 3, GDS menu of commitments.

Episode 11 - Global Disability Youth Summit: We are agents of change

Kamil Goungor is a youth with disability living in Greece. He co-founded I-living, the first and only Independent Living organization in Greece, which he now chairs.

Episode 10 – Global Disability Summit: A conversation with Sara Minkara

Sara Minkara is Special Advisor for the Office of International Disability Rights, U.S. Department of State, in President Biden`s administration. She is an internationally recognized champion for leadership, individual empowerment, disability rights, inclusion, and social enterprise.

Episode 9 – Global Disability Summit: The Ghanian perspective

Jennifer Lartey (56) is a Ghanaian lawyer and diplomat. In 2019, she became Ghana's first Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary to the Kingdom of Norway. The government of Ghana is co-hosting the Global Disability 2022 together with the International Development Alliance

Episode 8: Global Disability Summit: Leaving no one behind

Rosangela Berman-Bieler is Global Lead on disability in UNICEF and she has been instrumental in influencing the international disability rights movement for decades.

Road to Inclusion - episode 7 - Global Disability Summit: Gender equality and gender mainstreaming with Gro Lindstad

Gro Lindstad is the Executive Director of Forum for Kvinner og Utviklingspørsmål (FOKUS), and a prominent Norwegian feminist who has worked on issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment for decades.

Road to Inclusion - Episode 6: Global Disability Summit capacity development & strengthening of OPDs in the Global South with Dominic Haslam

Today’s guest is Dominic Haslam, Chairperson of The International Disability Development Consortium (IDDC) and Director of Policy and Programme Strategy at Sightsavers.

Road to Inclusion - Episode 5: Global Disability Summit: an opportunity for global solidarity with Vladimir Cuk

Road to Inclusion - Episode 4: Global Disability Summit: An opportunity to realize education for all with Nora Ingdal

Road to Inclusion - Episode 3: Disability rights are human rights with Mette Müller Kristensen

Disability rights are human rights with Mette Müller Kristensen

Road to Inclusion - Episode 2: Representation matters with Per Inge Bjerknes

Representation matters with Per Inge Bjerknes

Road to Inclusion - Episode 1: GDS as a gamechanger with Member of Parliament Dag-Inge Ulstein

Episode 1: GDS as a gamechanger with Member of Parliament Dag-Inge Ulstein