Nothing without us! Engaging and inspiring GDS Civil Society Forum

State Secretary Bjørg Sandkjær.

- It is high time for rights based and inclusive development. Global Disability Summit can be a real game changer. Civil Society Forum is a great opportunity for linking OPDs with rest of civil society, as such partnerships are important to achieve inclusive development, said State Secretary Bjørg Sandkjær.

IDA President Yannis Vardakastanis.

- We need more space, more funding and more data. OPDs need to be recognised as meaningful partners. Nothing about Us, Without Us. But every possible agenda is ABOUT US. So simply, we are asking for NOTHING WITHOUT US! stated IDA President Yannis Vardakastanis.

While UN Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohamed calls for urgent action: Significant scale up of, and greater investments in, disability inlcusive development, is needed.

Gagan Chhabra from the Atlas Alliance was the moderator