February 11, 2022

Nothing without us!

Atlas GDS podcast week concludes with a fascinating conversation between Gagan Chhabra and US Special Advisor on International Disability Rights, Sara Minkara.

Sara Minkara is an internationally recognized champion for leadership, individual empowerment, disability rights, inclusion, and social enterprise. Sara was appointed Special Advisor for the Office of International Disability Rights in President Biden`s administration in October 2021.

-Inclusion of persons with disabilities is not just the right thing to do, but it has value in itself.

Sara talks passionately about streamlining disability rights and disability inclusion in all facets of governance and society. She talks about her expectations for the Global Disability Summit 2022, and she gives a sneak peek concerning her intervention scheduled for the Global Disability Summit on February 17th.

Under the rubric of curiosity and compassion, Sara also shares an endearing story about her amazing friend Kyle, who is a mountain climber and is paraplegic.

This transatlantic inclusive and insightful conversation taking place between two blind professionals, is bound to open eyes and open minds.

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